A life less ordinary

ChickenMy first book-related post is not, surprisingly, in any way related to sci-fi. Rather, I want to draw your attention to a truly amazing book I’ve just finished reading, which I think everyone needs to know about.

That book is ‘Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills‘ by Marianne Cantwell.

I’ve been subscribing to Marianne’s weekly emails for a long time now; it started back in the day when I still had an office job but dreamed of freedom. I know – who doesn’t? – but her words about escaping the ‘career cage’ really resonated with me. For years I’d tried to find the ‘right job’ and ‘build my career’ within a variety of organisations, but never quite felt I fitted in. Add to that the frustration at having to toe the line simply because the line was there… Aarghh.

So many people fantasise about what they’d do if they won the lottery and didn’t have to commute every day to a job that is barely keeping their little grey cells ticking over, never mind filling their life with meaning. Well, Marianne’s book gives you the practical knowledge and ‘how to’ tips in order for you to not only dream a dream but live it too.

More importantly, she is relentlessly positive and keeps on reminding you that Yes You Can. If you’re surrounded all day by people who say ‘huh, well, we’d all like to quit, but everyone has to have a job, don’t they?’, then of course you’re going to absorb all that negativity and believe it’s your only option. She calls these people the ‘beige army’; I’ve always thought of them as ‘doing the institutional shuffle’.

Either way, if those are the only voices you’re listening to, you’re in need of something different. And ‘Be a Free Range Human’ is just that. It’s by necessity broad ranging (broad free ranging?), dealing with all sorts of personalities and businesses; but even if you’re an introvert like me, and are a little bit exhausted by all the examples of go-getting extraverts making a mint doing life coaching, fear not. There are also illustrations of quiet, thoughtful initiatives; and it’s a testament to the quality and scope of the book that I was even able to see the lessons in the stories that didn’t seem to relate directly to my situation.

I actually quit my job a year ago, with nothing to go to and only a few month’s finances as a buffer. I’ve been earning quite a nice little living from the freelancing I started doing when my money finally ran out, but I’m not sure it’s the sum of everything I want to achieve in life. So this book has come at exactly the right time for me, and has inspired me to start writing again. (This blog is one way of doing that!)

So there really is no ‘wrong’ time to read it. I’ve bookmarked so many pages to go back to when I’m in need of a Positive Mental Attitude – or just some attitude 🙂 And now I want to share the love!

If you read just one book this year, make it this one. You won’t regret it.


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